Coping with Lung Cancer: What to Do as a Long Term Patient

Lung cancer patients can have a very difficult time coping with the disease. The treatment itself can have emotional, physical, and stressful effects on the cancer victim. Learning to properly address the issues of coping with lung cancer can be beneficial for both the patient and family alike. It is therefore important to decipher the main sources of emotional debilitation and learning to cope with lung cancer in a way which one can avoid further damage to mental and physical health.

Chemotherapy can cause serious pain, especially if the cancer patient is constantly stuck by needles. This can be a very stressful and difficult situation that may become increasingly irritating as time goes by. It may be wise to eat a hearty meal and drink plenty of fluids as a precautionary measure, so the patient’s veins will open and improve blood flow. Hands can be exercised prior to being injected in order to improve the blood circulation in the body.

Alternative lung cancer treatments can be expensive, but can provide for an escape route if you find you are unable to cope properly with lung cancer. Helpful therapies include acupuncture, hypnosis, massage, meditation, and yoga.

Deaths From Lung Cancer Have Decreased Since the 90s

As a lung cancer patient, one must realize that types of cancers differ in the way the demographics and trends move as the years go by. It is important to remain positive- minded while remembering that treatment and research for various types of cancers (lung cancer being one of them) are constantly ongoing. Thus, having high hopes and ascertaining that a cure may be in the near future can restore confidence in a lung cancer patient. It can also transform the anxiety and utter disappointment of being a lung cancer victim to a campaign to fight the disease in the best way possible.

Preparing for the Hospital Stay

As a lung cancer patient, there may be times where the patient is required to stay at a hospital for days at a time. If someone is obliged to remain in the hospital for a few days, he or she should be sure to pack the right things, so as to ensure a sense of “feeling at home” when the obvious is quite the contrary. It helps to pack all important documents, including wills and designated powers of attorney papers, and phone numbers of all the people close to the patient.

A medication list should be readily available, including over the counter cough pills and prescription sleeping pills. A lung cancer patient may need to produce the names of all current prescription drugs on demand. Also, packing extra pairs of warm clothing won’t hurt either.

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